[scribus] skewed text frame & text distances

Václav Šmilauer eu at doxos.eu
Sun Nov 27 12:03:04 UTC 2016

> The text distances have a limited application.I don't see the sense in
> wasting the programming time to cover all instances. You have to have an
> entirely different concept. For a circle or a star shape, what is Top,
> Bottom, Left, and Right?
As long as there is text, it has a defined line direction, therefore 
there is unambiguous left/right and implicitly also top/bottom (as long 
as we agree it is perpendicular to left-right).
> Another idea: why not, instead of these text distances, be able to
> shrink the frame shape while leaving the contour line alone? This is in
> effect what text distances are doing.
That is the general approach, but it will also add margin top/bottom. 
Left/right margins are so prominent that I think it makes sense to have 
it as a easily accessible setting. The only difference to the current 
implementation is that instead of computing the leftmost/rightmost point 
of the line from the frame bbox (or however it is done), it should be 
computed from the the point where the text would start with zero margin.

Cheers, v.

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