[scribus] skewed text frame & text distances

Václav Šmilauer eu at doxos.eu
Sat Nov 26 16:30:22 UTC 2016

Greg, thank you for your suggestions, it works nicely. I am following 
the rest of the interesting discussion. Cheers! vaclav
> There are a number of tricky aspects to this. One thing I found was that
> if you try to enlarge a skewed frame in X,Y,Z, you immediately lose the
> skewing -- another bug?
> What I did to create a somewhat larger frame around an original one was
> this:
> 1. Starting with your original skewed frame, go to Item > Multiple
> Duplicate. Using the Number of Copies tab, make one copy with no shift,
> so your copy will be right on top of your original.
> 2. Select the copy, then go to Shape tab of Properties and select Edit.
> 3. You can either enlarge the frame by percent or amount. In either
> case, the frame enlarges concentrically and evenly around your original.
> This is much better than moving individual nodes manually.
> 4. Presumably you want the text to flow around this larger frame, so
> push it underneath the smaller one so the text in the smaller one with show.
> Greg
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