[scribus] A new script, a new wiki page

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Sat Nov 19 18:16:31 UTC 2016

I am frequently tossing ideas around in my head, to consider new ways to
use scripts to facilitate document creation. It seems that users want
help with speeding up the generation of a layout, perhaps from some
template, or maybe just to reduce the fiddly nature of creating frames
to some particular size at some particular point on a page.

So I came up with gallery.py, in which you start with a user-definable
number of selected image frames on one or more pages. You run the script
which first of all tells you how many frames you have selected, then
asks for a directory to get image files from. After this, it's all
automatic and one by one loads images into your frames. It also resizes
the frames to a width of 250 points, the height calculated
proportionally using PIL. It quits when it either runs out of frames or
the chosen directory runs out of images. Just as when doing a multiple
selection on the workspace, the order in which you select the frames
changes the order in which they're filled with images. I'm not sure, but
it may need a sort function carried out on the image file list.

I think it's straightforward enough that it should be easy to edit to
change the automatic sizing or even delete it, and change other features
as desired.



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