[scribus] Questionnaire: Adobe / Acrobat Reader on Linux via WINE

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Subject: [scribus] Questionnaire: Adobe / Acrobat Reader on Linux via WINE

Hi all,

As most of our Linux users know, Adobe does no longer provide a Linux version of Adobe / Acrobat Reader. The latest Linux is port is several years old and full of security holes.

Unfortunately, some of the new features in Scribus 1.5.x, especially 3D annotations, require AR, because none of the FLOSS PDF readers supports these features yet. This means we have to update our documentation.

For those of you who are running AR under WINE on Linux, I'd like to ask you which version of AR you are using and how reliably it works.

The information I need is:

1) Distro

2) Version

3) WINE version (including selected CPU architecture: X86 or X86 64 bit)

4) AR version (including CPU architecture)

5) Stability

6) Support for Scribus-related features like 3D objects or JavaScript.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!



Christoph, Could you post a small PDF that uses those features and a screen capture or description of what should happen if each feature is or is not supported? Could the examples and the table be on a page under https://wiki.scribus.net/ ? Regards, William

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