[scribus] made with Scribus -- "demonstrate" libretto

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.xyz
Fri May 27 01:21:45 UTC 2016

ahoy all,

   as a simple thank you to the Scribus developers and great  
community, i would like to share a PDF libretto (similar to liner  
notes) we created for our recently released album "demonstrate".   
using Scribus 1.5.0 from SVN, along with support from this very list,  
we took hand drawn lyrics and artwork, scanned and converted to SVG  
(XSane, GIMP, Inkscape), imported into Scribus and then inserted the  
actual text as hidden beneath the SVG 'text', making the document  
searchable.  probably not the most efficient or best way to get the  
desired result, but using the hand drawn text was important to the  
artist and it was our first foray into this sort of thing .. we are  
musicians after all ;)

   the final document (~10 MB) is available online directly at the  
following URL:


in addition, if you are interested in the full package so to speak,  
the music, along with the libretto and covers, is available for  


   i would be happy to share any of the 'techniques' gleaned whilst  
creating this document, as well as the source should anyone be  

   finally, thanks again to everyone involved with Scribus and the  
community at large.

peace, w

PS. i am currently on the road for a good bit, so while i will  
eventually respond to any replies, please be aware that it may take  
some time ;)


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