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> On 05/18/2016 03:46 PM, Michael Taylor-Noonan wrote:
> My first post, please tell me if this is inappropriate on this mailing
>> list.
>> (First, a huge thanks to all who helped develop Scribus... I'm switching
>> from a proprietary DTP program, and find it easy to use and powerful.)
>> Now my question. I usually use 1.5.1 on a Win 10 laptop, with wireless
>> mouse. Every so often I forget my mouse and use the trackpad. When
>> linking text using the trackpad, you cannot scroll down to a different
>> page . I would have thought as soon as your mouse pointer moves to the
>> scroll bar it should change back to pointer from the link text. But it
>> doesn't. Am I missing something?
> This is the perfect place for this question.
> Trying this out in Win7 and 1.5.2 (desktop), I don't see the problem
> with the pointer.
> I do see that neither PgDn or arrow keys work, though. What does work
> with a mouse is the scrollwheel, so you might try the scrolling area of
> the trackpad to see if that works. Otherwise, try clicking on the next
> page arrow at the bottom of the Scribus window, even if it doesn't
> change to a pointer.
> Seems odd, wonder if this is some Win 10 issue...
> Greg
> Thanks, Greg. The idea about clicking on the next page at the bottom of
> the Scribus works!
> Michael

Scribus is no stranger to trackpad issues (see
https://bugs.scribus.net/search.php?tag_string=trackpad) .

Scribus on a macbookpro trackpad is really hard to use because of the above
issues described. When I use the trackpad on Scribus now, i feel like i'm
compensating a lot (moving much more slowly and deliberately) based on
previous problems that created a headache to fix. For example, scrolling
the Properties Palette without being mindful will trigger all sorts of
spinbox mischief. Or if I zoom in or out, because of that trackpad zoom bug
(https://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=12078) i compensate in this weird 2
finger tap-dance (literally) to get it to shimmy and work the way I need it

Main issue this is still a problem is that the devs don't own a macbook/pro
so they can't fix it so that would be something useful the community could
rally around. In fact there is a page on the wiki about that:

Per OPs email, I'm 'glad' to see that the problem doesn't only exist in
OSX. This means that there might be fix for OSX as well on the horizon.
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