[scribus] Scribus 1.5svn font

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Wed Mar 23 22:59:51 UTC 2016

On 03/23/2016 03:15 PM, ZASKE Martin wrote:
> Dear Wena,
> I am impressed that you are still making new documents and using new
> programs at the age of 76 years. I hope I can do the same, if I ever
> reach that age.
> I am glad that you found that the exported PDF files are perfect, when
> opening with Adobe Reader. I thank you that you have reported back to
> this list, so that we can relax and note that all is well after all.
> You made me curious - it had never occurred to me to open a
> Scribus-export by a browser. Since I do not have Firefox, I just tried
> one of my PDFs from Scribus via the Opera browser: Nothing happened for
> a long time and then I got a progress bar saying "Initializing..." for a
> very long time (while I am typing this).
> I had just asked you why you are using the 1.5svn in case there would be
> other versions, which might work better for you. (I got yelled at once
> on this list for recommending something not appropriate for that user.)
> But if your version is producing what you need, that is fine.
> Update: My Opera has still not opened my PDF file and the progress-bar
> has not moved at all, so I stopped it. For my needs this is no problem,
> just surprising, since the few PDFs I look at online normally take more
> time than web pages but open fine in either Opera or Chrome...

At least some browsers, like Firefox, will use Adobe Reader to display
PDFs. Chrome now has its own PDF reader built in.
This sounds like some sort of character encoding issue, to have things
so garbled.

The current "most advanced" development version is 1.5.2svn.


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