[scribus] Bullets and numbering

Julius Cordes julius at julius-cordes.de
Tue Mar 22 15:20:00 UTC 2016

Hi Ken,

 > You may have read the post where I said I used Calamus, and on Atari
 > systems to boot.  I hate to prick your hide, but Scribus appears to have
 > a long way to go to catch up to the 1998 version of Calamus. The only
 > place I know for sure Scribus is ahead of Calamus would be in using
 > graphics file formats that didn't exist in 1998.  :-)

I don't agree with you.
Calamus is proprietary, Scribus is FLOSS. Scribus runs on BSD, Linux, 
Windows, Mac OS X, Haiku and OS/2 natively, Calamus doesn't. Scribus 
provides a great – despite its limitations and lacking documentation – 
Python based Scripter, Calamus not (I found nothing about it on the 
internet). Scribus is the only software that supports render frames. 
Though the stable versions don't include popular features like 
“automatic“ bullets and numbering or footnotes at the moment, Scribus 
incorporates some very clever features you may not have discovered yet.
I suppose that many people use Scribus because it is _Scribus_ and 
nothing else. Similarly people are using Calamus because they rely on 
it's special features or simply like it – or because they suffer the 

Disclaimer ;-)
   I never used Calamus but read a few pages about it on the internet 
because I think it's a oddity...


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