[scribus] Bullets and numbering

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Mon Mar 21 21:16:24 UTC 2016

Le 21/03/2016 21:38, Ken Springer a écrit :
> It just never fails to amuse/surprise me, that FOSS developers (usually) seem to be focused on adding things instead of
> making sure what they have actually works.  Having them actually work just isn't "sexy", like fixing roads rather than
> repairing them.

That's quite exactly what i moaned 5 years ago when i began to use scribus.
I argued quite a lot about that with ale, who, if i understand well which i probably dont, moaned for both less features 
and more complex features. Lol.

During these years i've continued using scribus
and manage to do with all the bugs that cripple its every day use.
During these years, i've seen many new shiny features been created,
many hundreds of little bugs fixed...
and even one of the 10 everyday most annoying bugs fixed !

For sure, I'd be delighted when the most annoying bugs were all fixed.
I'd give away 10 new features for only ONE most annoying bug fixed.

10 ? euhhh rather 5 ?
or let's say 3... because it's so fun to see a new feature land in svn :-)
Maybe 2 then... because i know it's so fun to create a new feature !
I'm not a scribus dev but as a dev i know how fun it is to add new features :-D
That's sexy, true !
And I'm quite glad the scribus devs have that fun in creating that tool.

And true also, it's not as fun to fix old wrinkled hairy bugs...
all the more when it'd require to rewrite a big bunch of wrinkled hairy code,
because the code is sooo old and has not been designed with deep enough insight at the begining a very long time ago.
Not fun at all.
It'd require to have a boss to do that,
or maybe some world hall of fame recognition,
or a heavy debt to pay and a big check,
or a chain around the neck,
or some other not fun based frame of work...

So this is painfull for the newcomer for sure,
but not surprising really.

As for bullets and numbering, i do them by hand.
I keep the glyph palette open with the bullets i want and insert one where i need.
To me it's ok like that.


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