[scribus] Bullets and numbering

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Mon Mar 21 21:31:17 UTC 2016

>> You’re free to give up on Scribus too. We’re free to code it how we like.
> Depends on the definition of "give up".  :-)  If you mean "give up" because it's harder to do the current project in Scribus?  Guilty.  If you mean totally abandon it, not guilty.  Scribus worked good on the previous project I did with it.

Great :)

>> However, we have the same aims in mind that you describe, but it takes time with only a few hours a week available. We set our targets based on whats achievable to fix certain goals. Bullets and numbering is about last on the list.
> Just philosophical discussion here for me....
> Which takes priority, fixing a goal you "added" first, or adding a new goal first?

That depends.

We decided the goal for 1.5.2 was to remove the shackles of distributing spelling and hyphenation dictionaries, fonts, templates, help files, colour palettes etc and take the Resource Manager to the next level to enable those. 
This also frees us from some of the licensing issues surrounding those items.
It also enables documentation to move to a separate roadmap and release timeline to Scribus binary releases and become more flexible entirely.


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