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Ken Springer snowshed1 at q.com
Mon Mar 21 14:56:10 UTC 2016

On 3/20/16 8:52 PM, Patrick Ernst wrote:
> Hi Ken. What sort of DTP software are you used to using? It could help for ideas to help you transition.

I'm not a regular user of DTP software.  So, it may be better to explain 
my modus operandi, for lack of a better phrase.

Let's say you are an auto mechanic, and you've got an engine to 
disassemble.  Basic tool is the combination wrench.  Slow, tedious, but 
gets the job done.  A better tool would be a ratchet and socket together 
with the combination wrench.  Even better, an air ratchet.

If you want to be efficient, and get the job done as quickly as you can, 
the best tool(s) for the job above is the air ratchet w/ combination wrench.

When it comes to accomplishing something on the computer, I always look 
for the best tool for the job, and it may not be the tool I use the most.

A mechanic will likely use the combination wrench the most, but 
occasionally needs the air ratchet.

If I want something basic in the way of text, I'll use a word processor. 
  But unlike most people that I've seen, if I need a single page flyer 
I'll use DTP rather than screw around with Word or similar as most 
people seem to do.  DTP is simply the better tool.

I once recommended the maligned WordPad on Windows, and the last I 
heard, she was a happy camper as it fit her abilities and knowledge.  <G>

And I'm always wondering about someone else's tool for the job.  Ergo, 
this trial with Scribus.

Back to your question, my first DTP program was Calamus, using an Atari 
1024ST.  Like Scribus, a complex interface, but I didn't have anything 
to compare with.  Plus, there was a really good user manual.  Calamus is 
still with us, and it's Quark Express/Pagemaker level AFAIK.  It 
actually had features those two did not offer back in the day.

All of those programs, and Scribus, are not DTP programs I'd recommend 
just for flyers.  Nor would I recommend Word or another word processor. 
  I'd only recommend MS Publisher to a masochist!  LOL

Currently my needs are just flyers, and I'm using Serif's Page Plus X6. 
  Current versions in X8.

One thing extremely nice and user friendly in X6 is changing the font size.

In Scribus, to see a font size change, highlight the text, find and 
select existing size and type in a new size, press return or tab if you 
are in the properties window.  Font changes.  If you don't like the 
results, repeat steps.

In X6, highlight the text to be changed, let the font size box open in 
the toolbar.  Hover over a new number, the text size is now a preview of 
what it will look like.  Move the mouse over the size list, the view 
changes in real time.  Find the one you want, only takes 5seconds or 
less, and click.  Done.

One of the attitudes of some FOSS designers is that free is good enough. 
  It's not if you're in business and have competition.  Productivity and 
efficiency often overrides the cost factor.  And in some cases, the cost 
of the software is tax deductible.

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