[scribus] Scribus CTL and large documents (Was: Nur ein Link möglich)

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Sun Mar 6 21:10:44 UTC 2016

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>> Zumindest eine Frage kann ich beantworten: Scribus wird bei umfangreicheren Dokumenten derzeit noch langsam, wenn viel Text enthalten ist. Ansonsten (z.B. Fotobuch mit wenig Text) hält sich der Geschwindigkeitsverlust in Grenzen und hängt auch stark von der Hardware-Austattung Deines Rechners ab.
> (The German text is noting that Scribus can be slow on large documents with a lot of text.)
> I think that people have mentioned doing lazy page composition, where Scribus would rebuild only the pages necessary (i.e. the visible pages on the screen and any pages that they depend on) after a change is made and delay rebuilding other pages until they are viewed or printed.
> I think that lazy page composition would be very complicated with the current Scribus mainline code, but I am wondering if the box structure in the CTL branch could make it possible to track the state on entering each box or the objects composed in each box. Then it might be possible to rebuild boxes on demand as pages are viewed.
> William

Its a possibility, yes. Let’s see once it gets into trunk. There’s also no reason to not have threads running doing the layout.


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