[scribus] Quark .qxd import

Marco marco.brignoli at marcobaldo.ch
Thu Jun 9 21:07:06 UTC 2016

I did try with the PDF import, it will be a last resort option as the
Scribus document I get is terrible, thanks for the input.

I'm now facing a new issue, as with the last version I have installed of
Scribus (1.5.2, SVN 21331)  I can't import the .xtg files, as they get
not listed in the import window.

Any idea?


Il 09. 06. 16 21:45, Gregory Pittman ha scritto:
> On 06/09/2016 02:49 PM, Marco wrote:
>> The document is complex and requires a lot of changes due to new
>> regulatory requirements.
>> I'm sure it will need some work to get is usable on Scribus, however
>> this is justified by the big advantage of using an open tool (sharing
>> will be easier, multiplatform, etc)
> When you import a PDF, what you get in Scribus is a number of grouped
> vector objects (and sometimes groups of groups), which makes it fairly
> easy to ungroup them, delete the parts you don't want, and recreate what
> you need in Scribus.
> Greg
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