[scribus] Applying styles to a text box or especially to a table grid

Managing Editor, JOTCSA editor.ejtcs at gmail.com
Wed Jun 1 10:54:34 UTC 2016

I have been using Scribus for two years and I am still an apprentice on 
some issues. The last project I am working on uses tables with 120 rows 
and 9 columns. One landscape page takes about 23 rows. Each cell, I have 
to select the text, center the contents, lower the character size from 
12 to 9 pt, and select the font as Verdana by hitting "VE" on the 
keyboard. I would love the opportunity if I knew how to do these things 
in a much shorter way. A table with 23 rows and 9 columns takes about 
1.5 hours to finish, which totally kills me.
Thank you,
Barbaros Akkurt
Managing editor, JOTCSA

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