[scribus] Best approach in Scribus for facilitator guide/participant guide manual

Michelle Allegretti michelle.allegretti at canonical.com
Thu Jul 14 15:40:17 UTC 2016


I'm new to Scribus and I'm not sure the best approach for what I need.

I'm creating training manuals. I created a document - double sided with 
facing pages. Each page has a 2 inch text frame on the outside for 
facilitator notes and a frame for content being taught. It is so much 
easier to manage one manual. So, I want to build the facilitator manual 
and then strip out the side notes but leave the blank panels for the 
participant guide. Students can take notes in the white area.

Do I name the note panels consecutively and write some Python code to 
clear the text for those named text frames? I'd have to learn Python, 
but I will.

Is there an easier was to mask the side panels?

Is there some way to do this that I don't know that I don't know?

Please help.

Thank you,


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