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Thank you Martin.
I have though of that over a long time, now you have voiced it. I would also like to ask the development and all the time to consider a logo that each of us could use our own language, for example mine would be Welsh.


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On 02.07.2016 18:42, Paraplegic Racehorse wrote:
> Just for curiosity sake, is there a semi-official "Made with Scribus"
> graphic we can use on web sites or for placement on covers (page 3,
> methinks) or in our colophon?
> Thanks.

Very good idea. If (when) it exists, we will gladly start using it in
our Impressums.

No time right now to submit drafts, as this is my first day after
holiday 2016; inbox is crazy.

Still, Scribus is doing a lot for us, so giving back some publicity
within our documents sounds good. We would even include a weblink, or it
could be part of a "made with Scribus logo".

So please let this list know, when something is available and/or got the
approval of the Scribus-team (or is semi-official or even official). We
could all go and do our own thing, but building up a "brand" for Scribus
will have its benefits with not much extra cost work wise.

thanks Racehorse,


ZASKE Martin
responsable G?G?
BP 50 - Bassila - B?nin
tel G?G?
tel pers


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