[scribus] Software compatibility

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Jan 19 15:10:43 UTC 2016

hey martin,

> looks definitely like a shout to me. But what might it mean? Are you
> Tarzan? Did I say something funny? Or bad? Are you frustrated? Do I need
> to apologize?
> I had just noted in my inbox, that 1.4.6 is now out, so I no longer
> recommend 1.4.5 of course, but cannot confirm for the asking user re
> whether that new version does work in Windows 10.

yes, it was a shout! :-)

and, no, i'm not tarzan...

you did not say something funny, i'm not frustrated and you don't need 
to apologize...
but you might have said something -- ehm ehm -- slightly bad... at least 
in my eyes.

it's not personal, though: seeing people recommending 1.5.0 to beginners 
makes me scream...

don't get me wrong: i've been using 1.5svn for ages and using 1.4.x 
makes me feel bad.
even seeing it running gives me bad vibes.

1.5 looks better, does better, and so on...

BUT you have to know where you should not put your fingers.

really, i'm not sure that recommending 1.5.0 for beginners is a good idea.
there are parts of 1.5 that can break your document.
others that are simply unfinished.
some that might be removed before 1.6 gets out.

not sure that everybody prefers risking to lose hours of their precious 
work. they might be more comfortable with working with a boring old 
fashioned application...

anyway, you're not alone at recommending 1.5 and if you can bear with my 
screams, you can keep on doing that way...

i wish you a wonderful afternoon

p.s.: you can imagine what happened the day, i saw this book being 
published: http://www.brain-media.de/scribus-1-5-kompakt.html :-)

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