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> I would like to learn Scribus Graphics, I have
> attempted learn from the little bits that have
> come to light on this forum. Some one had said
> that it is better than Ink Scape??
> Is it.

I wouldn't say it was better than Inkscape for
creating figures. But when creating multi-page
documents with images embedded, or documents
intended for print (like book covers) then Scribus
is better. Inkscape won't create pdf X/1-a:2001
format required by most USA printers. 

I have and use TeX, Scribus, Gimp and Inkscape
roughly in that order. When I need to convert
files from a dvd created from film and with
strange file names I have found Krita

You can fill up your toolbox with some or all of
the above. They are all free. A move to some form
of Linux is recommended. 

With each product you will need to buy one or
more books to supplement the online documentation.
Study some tutorials and learn as you do projects.

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