[scribus] Embedding fonts in a PDF file

"Christoph Schäfer" christoph-schaefer at gmx.de
Wed Feb 17 06:02:44 UTC 2016

> Hi Christoph,
> I did check those settings under the Fonts tab of Preferences.  The Embed fonts in Postscript box is checked for all fonts, including Book Antiqua, yet it does not embed the fonts by default in PDF files, at least not on my machine (an iMac running Mac OSX 10.11).  Maybe this is a bug report, rather than a new feature request?
> Thanks,
> Michael

Hi Michael,

Since you seem to be new to the mailing list, please note that top-posting is generally considered as something that makes effective communication unnecessarily complicated. Please add your replies to the bottom of the message you reply to. This is no criticism, only a friendly reminder :)

As for your problem: Did you make sure that there were no other font options like Subsettting activated by default in the font section of the Prefs/Doc Setup? If so, that seems to be an issue on Mac OS X, because I tried on Windows 7 and several Linux distros, all of which worked as expected.


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