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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Feb 8 22:55:42 UTC 2016

I have had some surprises, when working in different offices (sometimes
using two screens, sometimes just having one).

With some programs, they do not realize when I have moved from a
2-screen setup to a 1-screen setup. So maybe the properties box is still
there, you just cannot see it.

If this could be your situation, a quick and dirty solution would be to
just grab any monitor and connect it to your machine and drag all
windows "home" to your main window. I remember doing this several times
in the past - but cannot remember whether Scribus was concerned or not.

hth, Martin

On 04.02.2016 07:06, Peter Nermander wrote:
>> We have been using Scribus to create our Weekly bulletins and also our
>> monthly newsletter.  The properties box of course is an invaluable tool and
>> suddenly we cannot get it to appear.  It is checked off in the Windows box
>> y
>> yet nothing we do can make it show up.
>> Can someone please help?  I've searched online high and low and even tried
>> updating out version, yet the elusive properties box will not appear.
> I believe the most common cause to this is that it has been dragged
> off-screen for some reason.
>>From what I understand this can be fixed by editing the Scribus preferences
> file manually using a text editor, but I don't remember what to search for.
> But don't reinstall the first thing you try, the preferences file is not
> replaced by reinstalling so it won't help if this is the problem.
> Deleting the preferences file might work too, but then you will also lose
> all settings you have changed.
> /Peter
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