[scribus] properties box

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Thu Feb 4 06:06:42 UTC 2016

> We have been using Scribus to create our Weekly bulletins and also our
> monthly newsletter.  The properties box of course is an invaluable tool and
> suddenly we cannot get it to appear.  It is checked off in the Windows box
> y
> yet nothing we do can make it show up.
> Can someone please help?  I've searched online high and low and even tried
> updating out version, yet the elusive properties box will not appear.

I believe the most common cause to this is that it has been dragged
off-screen for some reason.

From what I understand this can be fixed by editing the Scribus preferences
file manually using a text editor, but I don't remember what to search for.
But don't reinstall the first thing you try, the preferences file is not
replaced by reinstalling so it won't help if this is the problem.

Deleting the preferences file might work too, but then you will also lose
all settings you have changed.

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