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mbehrens at charter.net mbehrens at charter.net
Fri Dec 9 14:41:18 UTC 2016

I am currently using MS Publisher 2007 to create a family tree book.
My book now has over 1200 pages of material much of it with
photos/pictures. After making some changes to bring in higher
resolutions pictures the file will no longer convert to a pdf.
Will this software accept a publisher file to work with, open, convert
to pdf?
Is this software compatible with Word documents?
I looked at your download files and am not sure which one to use with
Windows 10. Which one is it?
Tried to open a tutorial file and I didn't have anything that would
read the file format, is there something I need to open your files or
just the scribus program itself?
Hope you can help, just trying to find a suitable, easy to use
alternative to publisher even if I can't save the book I've already
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