[scribus] Major traffic jam caused by construction site in trunk, also know as 1.5.3svn

Wayne DePrince Jr. waynedpj at in-giro.xyz
Sat Dec 3 09:40:45 UTC 2016

Il giorno sab, 03/12/2016 alle 08.33 +0100, 
> Hi there,
> Those of you who are regularly building the development version of Scribus
> from trunk should be aware of potential issues with compiling and/or using
> 1.5.3svn during the next few days.
> As of last night, the merging of the separately developed Complex Text
> Layout (CTL) branch with trunk has begun, which will take some time to be
> completed. If you were brave enoough to start a project with 1.5.3svn, you
> should refrain from updating svn and building Scribus, because files created
> with earlier versions of Scribus 1.5.3svn may not be rendered or exported
> correctly due to missing parts of the completely rewritten text layout
> engine.
> The temporary inconvenience is worth it, though, because once it's finished,
> it will not only enable Scribus to finally render complex scripts correctly.
> It will also provide some tools to switch writing directions for mixed text
> layouts. It will also enable the use of advanced OTF features in future
> Scribus versions.
> Thanks for your patience!
> Christoph
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thanks to you and the others, congrats on nearing the finish line of this big

peace, w


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