[scribus] Joy: white paper is boring

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Apr 14 06:55:22 UTC 2016

Thanks for sharing such a nice experience and enthousiast testomony.

Le 14/04/2016 08:42, ZASKE Martin a écrit :
> So happy: For weeks we have been struggling with the need to produce
> bitmaps for electronic publishing on a non-white background.
> Our workaround was to have one extra bottom layer with just a filled
> shape (yes, a colored box) on it and bleeding somewhat over the
> page-edges. This workaround had several disadvantages, like not seeing
> where the page ends and not seeing the guide-lines. (This would be a
> secondary issue, why the guidelines seem to be the "lowest" items and
> not on top of stuff.)

In the "guides" tab of the document setup-preferences-options-setting dialog,
you can choose which is the z-layer of guides, margins, grids and layout items.
This enables to bring guides and margins on top of elements if you wish so...
Doesnt it fullfull your wishes ?
(but of course, doing so could be a hindrance in some other cases)


> This morning I woke up with the battle cry: "This is too stupid, there
> has to be a solution. All other decent DTP programs let us color the
> "paper"".
> I Did another search all over Scribus 1.4.6 and 1.5.1 and joy: Yes, of
> course, you can color your paper:
>> File > Document Setup > Display > Colors > Page Fill
> You are welcome to roll your eyes or to grin, I am just happy. So I share.
> The good news is this: Even while this option is placed under the
> heading of "display" (not for example with "Manage Page Properties" or
> "Document Setup"), it still changes your document, not just your
> on-screen display; as far as bitmap exporting is concerned. I tested for
> .jpeg .jpg and for .png
> For example, you chose to work on light-blue "paper". And your
> png-exports will also feature a light-blue background. This is exactly
> what we need for our weekly publications. Two thumbs up for our developers!!
> So why am I wasting your time here, just because I happen to be happy?
> We are now using Scribus for several years for most of our output. Again
> and again we have needed a certain feature and 19 times out of 20 the
> feature is here, often quite well hidden. Be it styles, be it extra
> colors or whatever. So be smarter than me. If you are struggling or
> fighting with very clumsy workarounds for a need which is rather basic
> for DTP, please ask or look harder, there is probably a very nice
> solution already somewhere in Scribus.
> greetings, Martin
> PS and mild change of subject:
> If you order that your printer will work on colored paper, you can use
> this to simulate the final product. I just tested: If you export to PDF
> the content will show up on white background, even if you specify
> another color as "page fill".
> My last question is this: If I know that my printer is working on
> normal, white paper. And I want my entire document to feature an even,
> non-white background, how would I put that into my Scribus document to
> avoid the above mentioned disadvantages?
> Luckily we are publishing our weekly proverbs as .jpeg via WhatsApp, so
> this question about offset-printing unto colored-background is not urgent.
> ___
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