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ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Mon Apr 4 21:43:53 UTC 2016

Welcome to Scribus Giovanni,

yes, there is a nice Style Manager on F3 or > menu > edit > styles...

There you can see all your styles in a document. You can select several
at once and click "delete". You will even have a helpful dialog, asking
how you want to replace those going-away-styles.

You also asked:
Is there a way to keep italics, bold, underlined without using existing
or creating new text styles?

Without existing nor new styles that would be stylefree?

Well, since there is a style manager, what is so bad of having at least
one style for each markout in your text? When you delete the others, you
can automagically have the parts-of-your texts concerned moved to your
personal "good styles".

Scribus has helpful importing features for OpenOffice documents - and a
help section about it.

Maybe you could set up a workflow where you first open your .docx files
in Word or OpenOffice and use some intelligent search and replace or
macros to "tidy up" the styles. And then import a cleaner document into
Scribus. Just ideas.



On 04.04.2016 17:52, Giovanni Bianchessi wrote:
> Excuse me for continue messaging, but it’s only about a week that I have switched to Scribus from Pagestream.
> In Scribus 1.5.1:
> - is there a way to delete more than one text style at once?
> - since my Scribus documents are generally composed joining and modifying .docx pieces that other people send to me.
> Authors apply italics, bold ecc…, but when I import texts in Scribus those attributes are lost.
> Is there a way to keep italics, bold, underlined without using existing or creating new text styles?
> I tryed to import text and styles, but at the end I have dozens of text styles, maybe the most of them unused.
> Regards
> Giovanni Bianchessi
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