[scribus] Text styles and text attributes

Giovanni Bianchessi bgio at libero.it
Mon Apr 4 16:52:39 UTC 2016

Excuse me for continue messaging, but it’s only about a week that I have switched to Scribus from Pagestream.

In Scribus 1.5.1:

- is there a way to delete more than one text style at once?

- since my Scribus documents are generally composed joining and modifying .docx pieces that other people send to me.
Authors apply italics, bold ecc…, but when I import texts in Scribus those attributes are lost.
Is there a way to keep italics, bold, underlined without using existing or creating new text styles?
I tryed to import text and styles, but at the end I have dozens of text styles, maybe the most of them unused.

Giovanni Bianchessi

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