[scribus] Making my optimum workspace - thoughts about the tool windows

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Oct 27 11:08:10 UTC 2015

Dear list,

please do not shout, I searched settings under View and Display and I
looked at Help:

In our office, running Scribus 1.4.5 under OpenSuse I can very nicely
arrange my workspace: One screen for the main Scribus window and the
other screen is holding all the useful windows like Properties, Layers,
Outline, Stiles... (We call them F2-window etc in our team.)

Now under OpenSuse those tool-windows are nicely snapping together and
they also nicely snap all the way into the corners and to the edges of
the screen, so maximising useful space. And the best: Scribus (or Suse?)
does remember my arrangement next time I open the program.

Now running 1.4.5 under Win 8.1 and now under Win 10, nothing snaps and
my workspace gets lost every time I close Scribus.

I believe I have seen an option to "remember workspace arrangement" or
something similarly worded, and many programs are offering such a
feature. I just cannot find it. Please advise.

If it does not exist, I humbly submit it as a feature proposal.


À propos: I also noticed recently, while working with several Scribus
instances open (Windows) that those tool-windows all look the same and
(as described above) they are not nicely arranged - unless I do that by
hand. So often it happens that I want to select a layer but I do it in
the wrong tool-window which brings to the front another Scribus instance.

Now it is the nature of our workflow to produce series of documents
(different languages or features) so having at least two or three
documents open at the same time is normal and needed. And jumping
between them is routine.
	So it would be extremely helpful if the belonging tool-windows would
either be colour-coded or they would carry the name of the respective
open document in each title-bar or even maybe all windows could be
snapped together (like they did for GIMP a while ago). Just something to
help with orientation of what-goes-with-what.

I would be interested in feedback from other users how you are handling
work with multiple documents.

One trick that I had to "learn" and that I can share: copy and paste
between Scribus documents used to stress me a lot until I discovered why
pasted objects were randomly landing on my pages: Just make sure you
have nothing left selected in the target document, when you hit CTRL+V,
then the object from your clipboard will land in the exact same place
where you copied it from in the source document. So trivial but so
helpful when preparing series of related documents.

greets, Martin

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