[scribus] Menus offset sideways in Windows 10 dual-screen

ZASKE Martin zm at revue-gugu.org
Tue Oct 20 15:10:51 UTC 2015

Dear List,

just upgraded both our personal computers to Windows 10 Pro 64bit English

and kept both our Scribus installations through the upgrade:

Scribus 1.4.5

Build ID:  C-*-T-*-C1.8.6-Windows64bit

Using Ghostscript Version 9.16

We are both using an extended desktop, by running an external monitor of
same size as our main monitors (full HD).

Now we both noticed that opening the menus (File, Edit, Item, etc.),
they tend to jump sideways, where they do not belong. Normally (in
Windows 8.1 Pro) they were opening more or less underneath the menu-name
in the menu bar.

The lateral offset is so bad, that for certain menu-items, they are not
being shown (i.e. they are being shown "where there is no more screen").

This is probably a bug, as we can repeat it and can observe it in two
machines. We are stressed, getting ready for a deadline. I will file a
proper bug-report towards the end of this week (I hope).

For right now:

- Has anyone else observed this behaviour too?

- Any reasonable workarounds yet?

- (For my wife it helped to re-arrange her physical set-up; she moved
her external screen to the left of her computer, to make more of the
menus come up, "where there is screen". My external monitor is already
to the left side - I just suffer from badly placed menus.)

Bright side: The upgrade from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 has worked
surprisingly well (option of keeping all my apps and data) and Scribus
1.4.5 is at least working. (There was one driver and one program
(Virtual CD) which had to be entirely re-installed and upgraded too.

Greetings, and thanks for any input,


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