[scribus] How can I obtain brown colour for the typeface and object filling?

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Oct 15 09:01:34 UTC 2015

Le 15/10/2015 09:46, ale rimoldi a écrit :
> why am i asking you why are giving this suggestion? because i'd like to figure out why is it so hard to find out how to
> create colors in scribus.
> of course we need a "+" button close to the places where you can select colors... but are there other things we should
> change to get make it easier to use?

The facts :
yesterday i had to create a color for a title
that had to match exactly the color of a logo.

I had the inkscape and png file and could find the color there in inkscape or gimp,
but when using the values hex values in scribus, it didnt match
either using CMJN values or RGB.

I later improved inkscape color management settings
and could reach some better color matching in scribus,
but still different
and only using RGB values to define the created color
(CMJN values led to bad matching)

"Pourtant" :
Whether inkscape uses optimal or not optimal parameters to produce the file
scribus manages its way to produce a pdf and to display a color on screen.
Scribus *knows* what it does, whether optimal or not.

Conclusion :
Scribus knowing how it manages the inkscape file colors,
should be able to give me an advice on how to create that color
so i'm able to use it for my titles.

In this situation, a tool like a smart color picker would improve color creation.
'Smart' meaning : understanding color management and how scribus manages it.


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