[scribus] Python API question: scaleImage behavior

Christian Mandel c.mandel at gmx.net
Thu Nov 26 15:59:00 UTC 2015

Am 26.11.2015 um 09:50 schrieb Christian Mandel:
> Hi!
> After yesterday's discussion about image scaling I tried myself a bit
> the scripting possibilities. What I do not understand is the behavior of
> scaleImage(). If I call scaleImage(x, y, frame), it sets the x scale to
> x * 4.1667 and the same for y, independent on parameters such as the
> images original scaling. Where does that number come from? The API
> documentation says for scaleImage: "Sets the scaling factors of the
> picture in the image frame "name". If "name" is not given the currently
> selected item is used. A number of 1 means 100 %."

As Gregory Pittman points out in the aforementioned thread the 
scaleImage() function is deprecated and setImageScale() should be used 
instead, which shows the intended behaviour.

Best regards


> Scribus 1.5.0 on Ubuntu.
> Thanks & best regards
> Chris
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