[scribus] Fit photograph to frame

Christian Mandel c.mandel at gmx.net
Wed Nov 25 15:27:18 UTC 2015

Am 25.11.2015 um 15:56 schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> On 11/25/2015 08:02 AM, Christian Mandel wrote:
>> Am 25.11.2015 um 11:00 schrieb ale rimoldi:
>>> hey
>>> On 25/11/15 10:38, Christian Mandel wrote:
>>>> Am 25.11.2015 um 10:04 schrieb ale rimoldi:
>>>>> hey
>>>>>> I guess I will either stick with copying the values in the PP as you
>>>>>> suggest and as I described in another post in detail or use the script
>>>>>> that Greg offered, which more or less resembles your method.
>>>>> in my experience, joining the chain (for the free scale) does the right
>>>>> thing, so you don't need to copy paste the values.
>>>> Unfortunately it does not, at least if the image has a higher y scale
>>>> percentage when filling the frame (this is the test case I have),
>>>> clicking the chain resets to the original scaling. But it is true,
>>>> this would be an efficient enough workflow.
>>> eh eh... as said: it does in my experience... which normally involves a
>>> bigger x than y...
>>> (i knew it while writing the lines above, but was too lazy to check for
>>> it...)
>>> currently, the chain always uses x as the reference value (now i have
>>> checked in 1.5.0) and the question is: should rather use max(x,y) for
>>> both?
>>> a trivial change, if everybody agrees that this could be useful and
>>> nobody sees a problem with it!
>>> if this is the case, please fill a ticket on http://bugs.scribus.net !
>> Bug report created: 0013561 (http://bugs.scribus.net/view.php?id=13561).
>> If there are unwanted side effects or other problems that prevent this
>> change, simply close the bug.
> I would suggest using the script for now, making suggestions about any

Of course, it's a one click solution.

> improvements/enhancements, so that some new feature might more clearly
> delineated. It's not clear to me that everyone sees the same use case
> for it.

What information do you need? I think it is straightforward, not really 
a new feature but at first the introduction of consistent and defined 
behaviour of the chain button (in the case of different scales). The 
benefit of (partially, still 3 clicks) solving "my" problem with this is 
there, of course, but IMHO one does not lose functionality.

> It is certainly feasible to add the script to 1.5.1svn, at least
> temporarily, if that seems worthwhile.

For me it would, (a) more functionality is almost always useful and (b) 
more scripts mean more information to learn from :-)

Nevertheless, did you check my simpler scripting suggestion (my answer 
to your other post)? Is this possible?

Thanks and best regards


> Greg
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