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On Tue, Nov 24, 2015 at 6:30 AM, Gregory Pittman <gpittman at iglou.com> wrote:

> On 11/24/2015 04:52 AM, Christian Mandel wrote:
> > Hi Greg,
> >
> > Am 23.11.2015 um 18:44 schrieb Gregory Pittman:
> >> On 11/23/2015 10:29 AM, Christian Mandel wrote:
> >>> Hi!
> >>>
> >>> I try to make a photo book with Scribus (v1.5.0) and I fail with the
> >>> simplest tasks. I hope someone can show me how to solve these problems.
> >>> My current problem is to fit pictures into picture frames. I create a
> >>> frame of the size that I want and load a picture into this frame.
> >>> Usually, the aspect ratio of frame and picture are different.
> Therefore,
> >>> I want to fit it to the frame so that the frame is entirely filled but
> >>> the picture is not distorted and then align the picture inside the
> >>> frame.
> >>>
> >>> Scribus natively has (if I'm right) only the option to fill the frame
> so
> >>> that the whole picture is visible and part of the frame stays empty.
> >>> There are two scripts that try to solve the problem: Image Wizard and
> >>> Image Wizard Advanced. I select the frame and run the scripts. With
> >>> Image Wizard I press "scale to fill" but what I get is an about 3 times
> >>> larger picture than needed (about 600 %, about 200 % would suffice).
> >>> Image Wizard Advanced, on the other hand, does not respect the original
> >>> image's aspect ratio with the fill command.
> >>>
> >>> What is the correct way of fitting images into empty frames when the
> >>> frame size is fix? Is manually copying the higher percentage after
> >>> scaling without preserved aspect ratio the only option?
> >>>
> >>> Thanks and best regards
> >>>
> >>
> >> Here are a couple of directions to look:
> >>
> >> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Infobox_in_column
> >>
> >>
> http://wiki.scribus.net/canvas/Automatic_import_of_images:_Versions_not_requiring_Tkinter
> >>
> >>
> >> Infobox works with a set width, the column width it is told to fit a
> >> frame in. The newer versions of Infobox allow for the insertion of an
> >> image frame. The trick is to use information from the size of the image
> >> to create a frame of the correct relative dimensions, load the image,
> >> and setScaleImagetoFrame.
> >
> > thanks for your answer. I tested the infobox script. Unfortunately, I do
> > not get it to work as intended. What I have is already an empty or
> > pre-filled image frame of the correct size, but the script fails with
> > the message that the selected frame is not a text frame. Nevertheless,
> > as I understand, the script only adds a frame, not the image itself. I
> > already have an image frame but need to fit the image inside of this
> > frame to the size of the frame without changing aspect ratio.
> >
> >> The other script uses a set size of frame, although scaled to the known
> >> dimensions of the images that are loaded.
> >
> > I do not want to scale the frame but the image.
> >
> >> When you do this manually, you might load an image, then right-click to
> >> Adjust Image to Frame, then Adjust Frame to Image. If your frame must be
> >> a certain width, make it too long so that it fills the width. Likewise,
> >> if you need a certain height, make it too wide at first.
> >
> > I need both exact height and exact width. The image frame is already
> > defined, only the image is not scaled as I need it inside of the frame.
> >
> >> You can change the setting in Preferences so that images are normally
> >> loaded to be adjusted to frame size (this is under the Tools tab).
> >
> > But there is as well no option to fill the frame while keeping the
> > aspect ratio. What did I misunderstand here?
> >
> It's a little confusing as to what you want to do, but perhaps you just
> need to understand the settings.
> It sounds like what you want is to Scale Image to Frame, but not
> proportionally, in other words, fit the image to the frame even if it
> must be stretched in one direction or the other.
> To do this, in the Image tab, select To Frame Size under Scaling, but
> make sure Proportional is unchecked.
> You can also set this in Preferences as your default for loading an
> image. In Tools (Item tools in 1.5.x), in the Image sub-tab, choose
> Scale Image to Frame Size, and UNCHECK Keep aspect ratio -- in other
> words, you don't want to keep the aspect ratio of the image, you want to
> keep the aspect ratio of the frame.
> This should also be scriptable.
> Greg

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