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> On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 11:06 PM, JLuc wrote:
> abouthttps://www.youtube.com/embed/euekzzCFOY0
> > I've watched 3 minutes and did not yet know what this all was about,
> > so i stopped watching, however I'm quite sure it's very interesting.
> http://www.newspapersystems.com/Internships
> The intern testimonial by Jacob S. Butts explains it.
> P.S. Scribus appears at 4:25.
> Alex
> ----------------------------
> Thanks Alex.
> The video shows how we are integrating Scribus into industrial scale
> publishing workflows.
> We thank and sincerely appreciate the wonderful contributions of the
> entire Scribus team.
> Richard.
> p.s. This was Jacob's very first video presentation.   If you ask me, I
> think he did a pretty good job of it.
> BTW - Our other 2015 summer intern, Sean Clarke, helped us with closing a
> six figure sale of a digital asset management system to the White House
> Historical Association.  (Yes - that White House.)
> rjc.

Hi Richard,

re: Feedback about the video
The functionality of you software looks very cool. Good job, Jacob, on the
It would be good to have some text annotations to re-enforce the
explanations that narrator is giving. Maybe an occasional hint/tip text box
to do the same. Also some screencast software allows for zooming in on
certain screen sections or menus when they open, that would be a nice
feature. Sometimes it's hard to see what is wrong with missing text columns
in the video, in that case an arrow or colorful circle could be placed over
the areas that you are trying to emphasize. I also agree with the comments
on the volume, I needed to turn my volume up substantially to hear the

re: scribus development
I'm not speaking for the Scribus developers. I'm a Scribus community
member. It's amazing for me to witness the behind the scenes of a software
that is utilized by many around the world for free. Part of me thinks that
the project would be way further ahead then it is today if more of the
Scribus users worldwide would help pitch-in in some way. Not that I'm
complaining, just making an observation and admittedly an uneducated
assessment. Scribus, nevertheless, is still a powerful and relevant
software that can do a lot!

We are vey thankful for the input and of course the patches that William
has proposed, some of them have been committed! So we know that you, your
company, is already participating. That be the case, I'm re-inviting you to
you to participate in further improvement of the Scribus code base (in a
way that is amenable for the Scribus team). This means any part of the code
that your company benefits from that say you can help to improve in the
current Scribus iteration would be such a welcome gesture!  I don't mean to
put you too much on the spot, I'm making an observation for others to see
that now is a great time to help 'lean-in' to development because we have a
bunch of activity in the issue queue these days and multiple aspects of
Scribus being addressed.

Thanks very much and congratulations on your success,
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