[scribus] 'Tête-Bèche', 'Upside-down' or 'reversible' book pages

Eric Hanuise eric.hanuise at flatlinedgames.com
Mon May 11 13:29:48 UTC 2015

On 11/05/15 15:10, a.l.e wrote:
> hi eric,
>> These are graphics-intensice, color matched files, so 'm very wary of 
>> using such external ttols as I don't know what they actually do to 
>> the files (some convert to ps then back to pdf, or even worse convert 
>> all to rgb bitmaps). And honestly the learning curve of pdftk and 
>> similar tools is daunting.
> if you're a linux only shop doing graphics, i think that you don't 
> come around to do a bit of testing of those tools, get used to the 
> command line tools and maybe build small GUI front ends tailored to 
> your needs for the ones you most use.
> (or finding somebody doing that for you)
> it does not be today -- the choice to give the instructions to the 
> printer seems very sane to me -- but at some time you will need them.
> and if you share the solutions, other people will be able to improve 
> them and give feedback! :-)
> scribus is a DTP and not a Pre-Press tool... it would be nice if a set 
> of (nice, correct and friendly) tools for pre-press could be created 
> around Scribus!

Oh I'd love to be a developper and be able to contribute, but this just 
isn't me. I'm a user, gladly providing feedback and workarounds when I 
can but that's all.
I run a publishing company (boardgames) and all is done using free 
software, and I must say Scribus fills most of my needs so far, for game 
boxes, boards, rules, die-cut flats, etc.
This heads-up booklet thing is one of these oddball scenarios that only 
some users request so it makes sense it's not a top priority feature.

Eric Hanuise - Flatlined Games

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