[scribus] Trouble with PDF/X3, PDF/X1a: Operator null is not PDF 1.3 compliant

Michael Below below at judiz.de
Sun May 3 17:41:21 UTC 2015


I am trying to print an image onto foam board (like Forex). The printer
is asking for a CMYK PDF file according to PDF/X3 standard.

Now the printer is telling me there is a "process error" with the
PDF/X3 I generated with Scribus 1.4.4 and I should re-send the image as
"PDF/X1a:2001 PDF 1.3"

Now I have generated a PDF/X1A:2001 in Scribus, but it doesn't preflight
correctly. Both my PDF/X3 document, and the PDF/X1A document show the
same two errors in PDF Studio 10:

Page 1 Results
Operator null is not PDF 1.3 compliant
Operator null is not PDF 1.3 compliant

I have thought this might be caused by the fact that I have no text or
other layout elements in my image, just a single image. But adding a
text box that contains a space character does not help.

Any idea how to get a valid PDF/X? I am attaching the .sla file, the
image is a 44.7 MB TIF.

Thanks for your help...

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