[scribus] Building Scribus 1.5 for Window 7

Darius Blaszyk dhkblaszyk at zeelandnet.nl
Tue Mar 24 10:06:48 UTC 2015


 No problem to give some details. However, I'm just curious; who has
been able to compile on windows? What architecture and what compiler? It
would be good to team up and boost windows compilation so we can attract
a bigger developer group. I have collected all dependencies so far apart
from QT5. I will have a look to see if I can install a binary
distribution of this library so I don't need to compile this huge
library! Next I have also patched the cmake so it recognizes the
pre-built libraries. When I would succeed then compiling on windows
would be easier than compiling on linux.


ale rimoldi schreef op 24 mrt '15: 

> hi darius
> Can you explain why not? 
> ale rimoldi schreef op 23 mrt '15: 
> hi wena
> I had asked this question last week but for some reason it hasn't
> been included.
> I'm asking if Scribus 1.5 can be built on a Windows 7 os. 
> the short (and clear) answer is no.

 the answer was for wena.

 it is not currently possible for her to compile scribus on windows.

 of course, it *is* possible to compile scribus on windows!
 but not if you have never compiled anything before.

 the fact is that there is only one person having ever compiled scribus
 1.5.0svn on windows!
 and he did it not only once but he does it many times a day...

 i think it was you who suggested to provide the precompiled
 versions of the dependencies: that would of course make it much easier
 to compile scribus an i would really welcome such an effort!

 if you got stuck on that path, as another mail from you suggests it,
 please provide some details so that other people (not me!) can
 help you get through!

 and for all who read through here and got scared, compiling scribus on
 linux is almost trivial and it's rather easy on os x.
 it's really a windows issue...

 have a wonderful day

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