[scribus] Question

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Mar 19 06:11:14 UTC 2015

hi r

> In the book I am writing, almost all of the pages will look exactly
> the same - an image frame in the upper right corner (for Right pages,
> the opposite for Left pages) with text flowing around it. As simple
> as this sounds, I have yet to find a way to do this in Scribus
> without re-drawing said frames each time for every new page. I've
> done a lot of research and think I understand how Master Pages and
> Layers work but nothing seems to accomplish the simple task of
> duplicating the 2 required frame 'styles' (1 Right and 1 Left)
> without having to do it every time, for each page. What am I
> missing?  Thanks.

the easiest way to do this, is to create two master pages (L, R) with
the guides that define the places where you want your frames to be.

then you have to ways:

- after having selected the text / image frame tool, with shift-click
  you can insert a frame that fills, the space up to the surrounding
  guides (or page margins).
  that's quite fast.

- or you can put sample frames, with different styles and positions
  (and dummy text) in the scrapbook and double click on the matching
  item to get it inserted at the position it originally was.
  you can also put groups in the scrapbook.

i would avoid the automatic frame creation, except if you plan to have
many pages (more than 30) that all look the same and have the text
flowing from one page to the next.

the script automation is fine if you have really lot of pages... or you
like scripting your work (like i do :-)

have a nice day

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