[scribus] Scribus 1.5.

John Culleton John at wexfordpress.com
Wed Mar 11 19:33:25 UTC 2015

On Wed, 11 Mar 2015 20:41:09 +0100
Craig Bradney <cbradney at scribus.info> wrote:

> > 
> > I have compile scripts for Scribus 1.4.x,
> > Scribus 1.5.0 and Inkscape that run every
> > night automatically thanks to the Linux
> > feature called cron. Occasionally there is a
> > glitch but generally I just sit back in the
> > comfort that I don't have to fuss with cgwin
> > or with repositories. I get the latest
> > version of each and no one can deny me that
> > privilege or charge me a monthly fee.
> > 
> John, a word of warning - to fix some of the
> bugs in 1.5.x, there will be changes after
> 1.5.0 is released that will surely mean 1.5.x
> svn does not compile and functionality will not
> work, potentially for days on end. I highly
> recommend for your work that once 1.5.0 is
> released, you stay with that for everything but
> testing.
> Craig

Caution noted. I got caught once lately. On both
1.4.x and 1.5.0 I keep today's copy, yesterday's
copy and a weekly copy. Since I don't always test
on a regular basis I just added a monthly copy.
It is only a 5 line script in /etc/cron.monthly,
which is a standard feature of Slackware.
Now I have scrib5, (i.e. today's scribus 1.5.0)
scrib5.bak (yesterday's version) 
scrib5.wk and scrib5.mo, all in /usr/local/bin,
and similar copies of scrib4 (scribus 1.4.x) and
inkscape. the odds of scribus 1.5.x going gaga
the night before I create my monthly copy are
about 30 to 1.  I think I'll add a scrib5.yr just
in case. There, it's done.

If some version of Scribus goes belly up linux
users can just drop me a line for a recent clean
John Culleton
Wexford Press
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