[scribus] Horizontal scaling of text after import 10%

Ian Bost futuretron at gmail.com
Fri Mar 6 17:31:11 UTC 2015

Hello all, my first submission to the list.

I've been learning Scribus 1.4.4 on Windows 7 for the last couple of weeks.
I've been importing my text from .odt documents (which were originally Word
files). When the text first appears in the Scribus text frame, it is
extremely horizontally crunched. My workaround has been to edit the
paragraph/character styles, which show that the text is horizontally scaled
to 10%. I change them to 100%, and everything seems OK (the text scaling
returns to normal).
However, if I append text after fixing the first batch of text, even if the
text imported has the same styles applied to it, it remains scaled to 10%.
I would have to manually select the text and change it to 100% in
Properties, being careful to not select any text that is apparently scaled
to 100% (i.e., it will show in Properties as already being 100%, and I
can't seem to override it).

I couldn't find any mention of this issue online, and I wondered if there
were any straightforward solutions?

Thank you in advance,

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