[scribus] making a plugin depend on another plugin

ale rimoldi ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Tue Mar 3 07:15:44 UTC 2015

hi craig

> The Barcode plugin uses the FileLoader Plugins to import its
> Postscript output, but I think thats the wrong advice to follow.

i had a short glimpse at the barcodegenerator CMakeList file but i
didn't find any explicit dependency...

how does it make sure that the barcode is compiled after the fileloader?

> They shouldn’t really depend on each other… as in theory they don’t
> know about each other.

well, if the dependence is explicit, i don't really see the problem...
personally, i'd like to see more non core functionalities implemented
in plugins... and if we do that we probably cannot avoid some

i'll be looking further into it this evening...

thanks for your hints

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