[scribus] making a plugin depend on another plugin

Craig Bradney cbradney at scribus.info
Mon Mar 2 19:24:02 UTC 2015

> On 02 Mar 2015, at 20:12, ale rimoldi <ale.comp_06 at xox.ch> wrote:
> hi
> can anybody give me a hint, on how to -- correctly -- make a plugin
> depend on another plugin and, then make calls from the first to the
> second?
> i could not find any examples in the code...
> have a nice evening
> a.l.e

Hi Ale

The Barcode plugin uses the FileLoader Plugins to import its Postscript output, but I think thats the wrong advice to follow.

They shouldn’t really depend on each other… as in theory they don’t know about each other.


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