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Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Sat Jun 27 12:55:26 UTC 2015


> Scribus is a well known tool that quite a few people use for creating
> documents. One of the more useful features in Scribus is the scripting
> support. I had quite a silly task at hand - we have some A5 forms that need
> to be filled in each month. I wanted to see if I could automate this
> somehow and ended up looking into Scribus. The documentation on scripting,
> while present, is quite difficult to learn from. The API documentation that
> they have isn't quite complete either from what I saw. I spent a couple of
> hours tinkering with it, and did manage to get my work done. This is how I
> got around to it...

(Found on twitter)

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