[scribus] Scribus feature request--produce compressed PDF output

Ian Whitfield whitfield at telkomsa.net
Tue Jun 9 13:57:59 UTC 2015

Hi all

I have found - from the beginning, several years back - that the Scribus 
PDF files are too big. I only publish on the Net and like to keep the 
file size down. I do re-size all photos down etc to help with this.

My answer (on PClinuxOS) is to save the Scribus PDF file and then from 
the Terminal I do the following....

ps2pdf13 FileName.pdf NewFileName.pdf (no spaces in file names!!)

This gives me an approx 66% reduction in size. (Typically from about 
15Mb down to about 5Mb)

Hope this helps - but I agree it would be nice to have this included in 
Scribus itself - I'm sure a one line command option is not a big job to do.

Hope to see it one day.

Pretoria RSA

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