[scribus] Scribus feature request--produce compressed PDF output

JLuc jluc at no-log.org
Thu Jun 4 16:15:13 UTC 2015

When a magazine or a book is ready to be printed
and when its on the printer's timetables,
it's very stressing to send a PDF file
when it takes 20+ minutes on a countryside DSL.
20 minutes is not much in a man's life,
but its more of an issue when readers are waiting for your ouvrage.
That's because if the printer finds there is some issue in the PDF,
then it takes another one hour or more to correct and resend the PDF,
and that hour could be the hour too much :
too late for the professional printer's busy timetable,
and next turn is in one day or more...


Le 04/06/2015 14:36, Gregory Pittman a écrit :
> On 06/04/2015 08:01 AM, a.l.e wrote:
>> hi
>>>> While this is certainly all very true, there remain yet a lot of cases
>>>> where the user does not publish for a professional offset printer but
>>>> for
>>>> use in the net etc. or at least does so in parallel.
>>> Yes, of course it is. but Scribus was not initially designed for that
>>> purpose. I agree that it would be nice if Scribus could do this, but the
>>> development resources are limited and since there are other programs (for
>>> example Open Office, LyX, pdfTeX etc) available and a PDF can be
>>> reduced by
>>> external means my personal opinion is that there are other issues that
>>> are
>>> more important. For example support for complex scripts and RTL
>>> languages,
>>> better tables, better support for cross references and automatic
>>> numbering
>>> and a lot of similar stuff.
>> on a side note, it would also be beneficial for professional printing to
>> see further improvements in the verbosity of the PDFs created by scribus.
>> it happens from time to time, that -- because of the excessive
>> complexity -- print shops cannot manage scribus PDFs.
>> or layouters cannot upload the file to the printer's ftp server.
>> there are solutions for producing lightweight versions of a scribus PDF,
>> but having to rely on gs and other tools to shrink the pdf size (with no
>> specification of what changes are applied to the PDF file and which
>> characteristics are stripped) is not always an option...
> It can be a mistake to blame Scribus for problems with printers. We were
> a bit stymied with the 400 page official manual, when we initially got
> feedback that it wouldn't work. Louis figured out for us that the answer
> was to convert text to outlines, since somehow the printing equipment
> was stopping prematurely on the printing job. This resulted in the file
> being even bigger, but did work.
> Even on our individual smaller computers, I have not found that there is
> any issue with size with Adobe Reader or other viewers. I can pull up
> the PDF of the manual even in my Android tablet without problems.
> Of course, when your printer says a file won't work and doesn't have
> solutions for you, you are stuck, but the answer may be seeking advice
> elsewhere, such as we did with Louis.
> Greg
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