[scribus] Was: The program gimp is missing! Now: Image file not being opened for editing

Michael Hendry hendry.michael at gmail.com
Tue Jun 2 08:02:18 UTC 2015

> On 2 Jun 2015, at 06:36, JLuc <jluc at no-log.org> wrote:
> Hello
> I tried and on my linux system, its possible to gimp-edit
> even inline images.

Thanks for checking that, JLuc.

> Maybe there is an issue in scribus or on your system,
> but sometime it's easier to ask some experienced person IRL.
> For me, it was a necessary step before being able to use gimp
> because i could not grasp even its most basic use for a long time.
> So maybe some IRL help would help you using scribus.
> However, i dont think you really did the export of the 'inline'
> version to a 'linked' file version.
> Doing so requires to click on the allready clicked 'inline' option
> of the 'Image' submenu in the context menu.
> Have you done so ?


> The proposed name for the created file has not a "draft" prefix
> as you describe it, but when i did it, the name was something like
> 'scribus_temp_pdf_H16308.png’

OK, that’s the sort of thing I expected to happen, and after a good night’s sleep I remember that there is sometimes a problem on Macs when an application is started by double-clicking on a file’s icon in the Finder.

This is the case with GnuCash - an open-source bookkeeping program. If you use the Finder to identify an accounts file you want to open, and double-click it, GnuCash will be executed, but will open the last file it was using, NOT the double-clicked file. It’s necessary to start GnuCash directly, and then use its File=>Open option to open the accounts file.

Because GnuCash is set up to open the most-recently-used file when it starts, it does this when the OS fails to tell it what file to open, but I think that GIMP defaults to a clean slate if it doesn’t receive a filename on its command-line.

As I only have one accounts file, this is never an issue for me, but I recall some activity on the GnuCash list about it. Given limited development resources, the problem has not been fixed, and I suspect that this may also apply to Scribus.

Perhaps another Mac user on the list could check this out?

> And i dont get what is it you call 'online’.

I meant “inline” - probably finger trouble on my part, but I’ll blame predictive text!

> JLuc
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