[scribus] Was: The program gimp is missing! Now: Image file not being opened for editing

Peter Nermander peter at nermander.se
Tue Jun 2 05:16:33 UTC 2015

> As an exercise, I tried right-clicking on an image (originally a JPG file)
> in this imported PDF, and was offered the option of editing it. Once I’d
> changed the path to GIMP in preferences, I was able to start GIMP using
> this option, but I had expected the image to be opened too.
Let me get this straight, you are not trying to edit an image imported into
Scribus, but an image that was inside a PDF that was imported into Scribus?

The Scribus PDF import feature is as far as I understand NOT intended as a
way to edit the contents of the PDF but rather to be able to include a PDF
as a "vector image" in the document.

While it may be possible to edit the contents of a PDF by importing it into
Scribus and ungrouping it that is really not the right way of doing things.

There are tools that can extract images etc from a PDF.

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