[scribus] Get text from .odt file with superscripts

Gregory Pittman gpittman at iglou.com
Mon Jun 1 12:35:27 UTC 2015

On 06/01/2015 12:24 AM, Jo Evans wrote:
> Scribus 1.4.5, Windows 7
> I have text created with OpenOffice 4.1.0 which I want to get into a text
> frame. There are frequent superscript and italic characters included. The
> text in the .odt file is formatted as Times New Roman 12pt, line spacing
> 12pt.
> I have also created a Scribus paragraph style ('Body Text 12/12') with the
> same parameters.
> When I use 'Get Text...' to import this file into a text frame the special
> formatting (superscript and italic) is retained but the line spacing is
> changed to 14.4pt. If I now apply the style, Body Text 12/12 to this text
> frame, the line spacing is corrected but the special formatting is lost.
> Is there another strategy for applying a style without loosing special
> formatting from characters within the text?

One way to do this might be to edit the style already applied, rather
than apply a new one. You should be able to find the style that was
imported and change its parameters. It sounds like all you want to do is
to adjust line spacing, so this should be easy.

Another way would be to edit the SLA file with a text editor, replacing
the old with the new style using Find/Replace. This is a little more
demanding (if you haven't done it before), but should also retain these
small bits with character styles.


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