[scribus] Jpeg Files and PNG files

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Thu Jul 30 15:40:30 UTC 2015

hi martin
> But what would be stress to me, is when a beloved program is being
> changed too often or "just for matters of purer IT-philosophy". Or in
> other words: If possible, please leave us the useful and fine-working
> bitmap exports.   :)

no, it's not a matter of IT-philosophy.

well, when you build something, it's imo a good thing to have a good 
philosophy in mind.
even multiple philosophies.
and you should also be able to notice when it's time to make an 
exception to your philosophy.

but that's not the (main) issue here.

the problem is that the huge code base is one of the reasons why we have 
a hard time finding new people who are willing to dive into the scribus 
myself included.
and get them to write code for scribus.

many programmers have "left" the pool over the years. (very) few have 
joined after the first few years.
(and it's nice to see that right now we have a few new candidates!)

another problem -- this time on the user side -- is that there are so 
many options and commands available, that many people have a hard time 
finding the ones that are relevant to their workflow. and then 
understand how to use them.
DTP is a complex task and there is so much involved that the UI won't 
ever be trivial.
but we can try to avoid to reimplement mostly unused features, features 
that can already be found outside of scribus. so that people can focus 
on their work.

the list of the bitmap file format scribus exports to -- as already 
written -- is mostly a marginal issue.
really, i don't see it as as a big thing.

i simply would prefer to see scribus getting a bit (much!) slimmer. i'd 
like to see good tools raise around it. tools that could take some of 
the features out of scribus and make the overall user experience even 
tools like swatchbooker!
tools that one can use also when not working directly with scribus.
without having to learn everything again from scratch.

now, back to your fiddling with image formats: you might have a look at 
phatch (http://photobatch.stani.be/).
it's getting a bit old, but it's a very nice tool for doing batch 
process of images!

have fun

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