[scribus] Jpeg Files and PNG files

a.l.e ale.comp_06 at xox.ch
Wed Jul 29 13:07:22 UTC 2015

hi john
> Sorry John,
> I do not enjoy to contradict, but I need to give credit to Scribus here:
> What you say about vectors being better is true, but even in our
> workflow there are occasions, where we can quickly do with a high-rez
> PNG file, what would be complicated with a PDF (for example just cut a
> page precisely in Gimp and only print a portion).
> Scribus does have a great bitmap-export dialogue and can generate many
> flavours:
> bmp, ico, jpeg, jpg, png, tif, tiff, ppm, xbm, xpm
> You can also set the quality, resolution, size and select which page or
> pages you need to export.
> I love the fact, that I (now) have a choice whether to name my files jpg
> or jpeg. Because one of our websites has an import script with a fixed
> naming-convention. In the past I needed to batch-rename my Scribus
> exports but now I can just generate exactly what I need.
> So, well done developers!

on my side i love to contradict :-)

while i'm pleased to see your enthusiasm for being able to avoid the 
tedious post processing, sometimes i wonder if it would be not better 
for scribus to do one thing and do it well.

i mean: every line of code removed is a correct line of code, a line of 
code that has not to be maintained...
we don't have huge resources available: it can make a difference!
most of all if we start to apply this idea also to other parts of 

being able to export a preview of the page is probably something useful, 
but i wonder if having more formats than png is really that useful...
there are lot of good tools for doing the conversion!

personally, i would exchange bmp, ico, jpeg, jpg, tiff, ppm, xbm and xpm 
export against scribus 1.6 being published one day earlier :-)

have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing your experience!

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