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Kunda Loves Scribus scribus.user at gmail.com
Mon Jul 27 23:35:23 UTC 2015

> > Back to the topic of Python Scripts, I came across this repo on Github:
> > https://github.com/thresherdj/robo-scribus
> > "An python-based interface to drive Scribus scripts to drive automated
> > document processes."
> > I haven't tested it yet. It uses Tkinter which may cause a problem for
> some
> There are certain things that Tkinter can do, such as have a dialog
> which makes a number of simultaneous selections.
> The down side is that the syntax for Tkinter is more obtuse than Python
> by itself, so I think what we might consider advanced Python. The
> CalendarWizard is an example, and while the dialog is nice, the
> structure of the script shows the complexity that Tkinter throws in there.
> Greg

Greg, thanks for your reply. Can you elaborate what "so I think what we
might consider advanced Python" means? Are you speaking about using an
alternate to tkinter ?

FYI, on the topic of Scribus Generator. A fellow named Berteh on Github has
what looks like a fork of Scribus Generator:
He has just posted a Youtube walkthrough of it:
If you have any questions or issues, please conduct them through the issue
queue: https://github.com/berteh/ScribusGenerator/issues
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